Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a baby with a mom and dad. The baby constantly needed attention and entertainment. Eventually, the baby’s parents grew tired of the constant entertainment for the baby. So the parent sought out different means of entertainment that require less effort for them. Being new parents, they had no idea where to begin their quest to please the tyrant baby. So they went to the only place where all the answers would be given to them, the Internet. Only wanting the best for the “Tormenter of Parents” the parents sought out toys that would help childhood development only to be hindered by the lack of educational toy outlets. The parents saw that there is an obvious need for parents like themselves, who want to appease their children while also helping them develop, thus TOYSCHAMP.NET was created. Now, instead of scouring the endless sea of the internet in search of toys Smart parents can go to one place to find what they need for their children. A Happy Smart child will always give their Parents a much-needed break.



Meet the Family

Blecill (the bossy woman), Jariah (the cunning baby), Julian (the handsome man)